Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Barðarbunga at Holurhaun; Eruption Highlights 09/01/2014

This was highlight of the eruption last night and it was fascinating to watch.


Below are some images captured until dawn in Iceland.

 This screencap shows early in the day steam and ash emerging from the dike.
 During the day, the emissions increased dramatically.
 In the middle of the Icelandic night, the scene became explosive.
 As you can see here, curtains of lava began to emerge.
 At its zenith, the dike put on quite a magnificent display.
Finally, at dawn, the eruption decreased in size

 The following screencaps are from the cam focused more distantly from the eruption site.

 Finally towards dawn, the explosive display began to calm, but daylight saw a return to more ash and steam.

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