Monday, October 7, 2013

The secret "roar" of a distant volcano

Wow. When I neglect a blog, I do a good job of it. It's been 11 months since I've graced this blog, and after much guilt, I am now back, sweeping out the dust and cobwebs. Where have I been to turn from one of my passions so completely? One word: cats. I've been raising kittens. Not exactly geological in nature, but the additions have brought me much happiness. Even now, as I write this little blurb, there is a kitten in my lap, purring contentedly and to tell the truth, if I could purr, my little queen would be causing ME to purr (and I'd be loud as hell).

Back to geology...

I've got some interesting posts planned and so I hope you stick around for them. Here's my first offering: Katy Perry's latest video, "Roar."

Aside from making one kickass video with an inspiring song, to boot, the video lends the illusion that it was filmed in the jungles of the SE Asia. The tiger is her muse and familiar, despite the fact that she wears the skin of a jaguar indigenous to half a world away. But what this video has to do with geology is quite subtle. Watch for it... and you'll see this:

The view behind her is none other than Taal volcano of the Philippines. How about that?

Take a look at one of the images of Taal sans Perry:

Unmistakeably Taal. Right? Riiiight.

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